Cyprus drawings
These are samples of a 3 year commission in the 1980s to document the architectural styles of the island.


The church of Panayia tou Arakou
The church of Panayia Tou Arakou, Lagoudera dating from the late 12c, is a single-aisled buildingwith 3 arched recesses in each of the walls and a dome over the centre.It was re-roofed in the 18c with a steep-pitched flat-tiled roof to protect against snow. Iyt contains a fine set of wall paintings  

The Buyuk Khan, Nicosia. The   ‘ great inn ’   was built by Mustapha Pasha immediately after the invasion of the island in 1571 ‘for the benefit of foreigners ’. The rooms, capable of housing 67 people, are arranged on 2 floors round a courtyard in the middle of which is an octagonal mosque built over a water tank.
Buyuk Khan, Nicosia_2

St Nicholas Cathedral
Nicholas Cathedral (Lala Mustapha Mosque)Famagusta. Built in the early 14C and consecrated in 1326, it was severely damaged in the siege of 1571 and converted into a mosque.

The 12C church of Panayia Katholiki, Kouklia, is cruciform with a central dome.
Katholiki church, Kouklia_3

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